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Top Quality Truck is devoted to finding our customers the exact truck, trailer or other equipment they need to keep their business moving. With over 75 combined years experience in purchasing and re-marketing equipment we know how to find the best of the best. 
Equipment Locating - We have an extensive network of dealers and fleets that we continually purchase from. If you have a specific need we will find it for you. Many of our fleet customers contact us when they are in search of equipment. We will locate it, inspect it, recondition it and make it exactly what our customer needs.
Equipment Purchasing / Re-marketing - When it comes time to sell your used equipment do you really want the hassle of selling it yourself. With the constant phone calls, dumb questions and requests to finance the equipment it becomes a major chore just to sell a couple items. Top Quality can ease your pain. We will evaluate and perform a detailed inspection of anything you want to sell. Then we will establish a fair market values and handle all aspects of selling your equipment. In most cases we will purchase your equipment from you outright. It doesn't matter how many trucks, trailers or related& pieces of equipment you have.
Retail Sales - If you are an end user we can provide you with the exact truck for any budget. We have multiple finance sources available for either leasing or conventional financing. Under the right circumstances we can even get a first time buyer financed. If you are in the market for any type of used equipment give us a call today to see if we can help you.

 Equipment Financing
- Whether you are a first time Owner Operator or own 1,000 trucks, we    have various finance sources to provide you the most competitive financing or leasing available. Call  us today for more details. Click here to download an application...Top_Quality_Truck_Credit_Application.pdf
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